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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having A Lip Piercing

Contrary to popular belief, lip piercings have been around since early century BC. Historical records indicate that some tribes believed that lip piercings could make the spirits of their ancestors happy. In fact, some tribes utilized lip rings and li piercing as a status symbol and would also conduct them during rituals. However, most people view them as a sign of femininity and beauty as well.

The location of the piercing themselves vary from individual to individual and could be on the upper or lower lip. ThLip with a ringere are also several kinds of jewelry that are available for piercings such as Labret studs which are easier to remove than other types of lip based jewelry. However, a general rule of thumb to go by when itcomes to the type of jewelry that you should use is that it should be made from titanium, niobium, surgical steel or eighteen karats gold. But, before you decide to get your lip pierced, you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages that are associated with them.

Advantages Of Getting Your Lip Pierced

One of the benefits of getting this kind of piercing is that they heal significantly faster than any other type of piercing. In retrospect to fashion, it is very new and has found its spot equivalent to that of the trend of clothes. Meaning that more and more people are getting them.

It is regarded as being a new trend that signifies rebelliousness, independence, and self-expression. These are arguably some of the primary reasons why more and more people are opting to get one. Most individuals consider lip piercing as a unique form of expression whether it may be artistic or sexual.

Disadvantages Of Getting Your Lip Pierced

If you do nLip ringot conduct proper sanitary procedures once it has been pierced, it can lead to infections, which in itself can lead to scarring and blood poisoning. Whenever a piercing is conducted, the individual who is piercing the lip needs to conduct a great deal of research to ensure that it’s conducted at the appropriate place. For instance, if it’s not pierced in the correct place it can push through various nerves which can prove to be extremely dangerous and painful as well.

If the piercing hit blood vessels in the midst of the procedure, it can lead to a visit to the emergency room and large blood vessels if wounded, in particular, are tough to heal.

If you are somewhat sensitive to coming into contact with certain types of metals, you should avoid getting your lip pierced altogether. By inserting certain types of jewelry, it may cause severe reactions that ultimately lead to increased swelling, the manifestation of a rash and difficulties with breathing as well.