4 Features Any Good Fleet Management Software Solution Must Have

The marketplace for fleet management software solution is growing daily, and with so many solutions to choose from, selecting one that is right for your business can be a daunting task. Worse off, the solutions vary considerably in price and capabilities. Fortunately, a few features that have been proven to create the best fleet management software solution. These are the most important features one needs to look out for when selecting any solution.

Key Features

Centralized storage systemImage of a car from side mirror

Having all the company’s information stored in one central place is a must in all aspects. The best fleet management software should enable the user to input and store the fleets’ information such as road tax records, the drivers’ records, and endorsements.

Vehicle service reminder, alerts, and management

This is another useful feature that should not miss in any fleet management software solution. The solution should be able to set reminders and alerts for vehicle servicing, M.O.T, tax due dates and so on.

GPS tracking

An important feature to look for when deciding on a fleet management software solution is the ability to locate where the vehicles are. Vehicle GPS tracking is achieved by installing a small device in the vehicles. Once the GPS is set up, it is possible to see where your vehicles are in real time on maps. As a fleet manager, this feature will prove essential in many ways.

Dispatch and Job assignment

This is another important feature, but not all fleet management solutions feature it in their systems. The ability to dispatch goods and assign jobs through a centralized system has proved essential for most logistics companies. Through this feature, field engineers, mobile personnel and drivers can update their status to inform the manager and customers of their progress regarding deliveries.

Vehicle and financial reporting

truckVehicle and financial reporting is vital to understanding the fleet costs, and the best fleet management software solutions should take care of this. The solution should produce reports on vehicle cost to help the business understand all its expenses, especially expenses associate with each vehicle and finally help you find ways on how to cut down the costs.

To sum up, fleet management software solution should enhance your business, and when used rightly, it should help improve your running and operating expenses. Well, those are the main feature to look out for in a fleet management software solution.

Coffee beans

Features of a Good Quality Espresso Machine

When it comes to coffee, the quality always matters. Having a good quality and fresh smelling coffee in the morning is a good way of starting the day for the lovers of this product. Owning an espresso machine can make this a lot easier. There are a lot of reviews about espresso machines on that can help you get a good quality machine. Here are some of the characteristics to consider before buying an espresso machine.


Inbuilt grinder

A quality blend of coffee usually depends on how the coffee beans have been ground. Not all espresso machines havecup of coffee inbuilt grinders. Some may require the coffee beans to be ground on alternate machines before being put in the espresso. However, for you to get a fresh well-blended coffee, you need to get an espresso machine that has an inbuilt grinder.

The machine should be able to froth

Apart from the having a freshly smelling coffee, a good espresso machine should also be able to froth beverages like macchiatos and cappuccino. This can only be done if the machine has a spout that can pressurize the milk. The temperature and pressure need to be well balanced to make the right drink. An espresso machine that can froth gives the user the advantage of enjoying other special drinks.

Water dispensing container

A normal espresso machine usually can hold about 8 cups of espresso at a go. However, some espresso machines have an extra container with a dispenser that increases the water carrying capacity. This makes the machine easier to use. Some even have a connector that can be linked to a different water source which prevents the user from having to refill it every time.

The machines carrying capacity

Cup full of coffee beansIt is important to review the ability of the machine that you intend to buy before making the final decision. One should consider some coffee beans that the machine can handle at a given moment and whether it will require an external grinder. The water holding capacity of the machine should also be considered. Machines with smaller holding capacities may overheat or become faulty if they are over-stretched beyond their ability.

Choosing the right espresso machine can be a daunting task because the market is flooded with so many different types. However, there are authentic websites like that have excellent and unbiased reviews of the various types of espresso machines that can help you to make informed purchasing decisions