Trademark Your Brand to Protect

Establishing a reputable brand is undoubtedly one of the most important steps for success. While this is a tough job, it is possible to lose your brand through manipulations by your competitors or other malicious individuals. A Trademark Specialist will make you create the best trademark.  To avoid this, you should trademark your brand as a way of protecting it and building loyalty from your faithful customers. Many businesses and individuals normally overlook this important step, but you should not fall prey to such mistakes.


What can you trademark?

Your brand could be in different forms including symbol, logo, devices, packaging or any other original innovationInflatable robot you’ve come up with. Whether you are involved in bottling drinking water or making juices, it is important to trademark your brand to make it distinct and ensure your customers aren’t confused whenever they hit the market for purchase. It is, however, important to note that for a brand to be trademarked, there is a need for it to meet certain qualifications.

To begin with, the brand name can only be trademarked if it is not a phrase or word used commonly by other product or service providers within the same industry as yours. What this means is that you cannot trademark a name like “phone.” However, you can trademark the brand name that is generic but only if it is not in an industry that is typically related to its meaning. For example, Apple SmartPhone can be trademarked even though the name Apple is generic.

How to trademark your brand

The process isn’t necessarily expensive, but many people have a misconception that it is. However, it is always important to trademark the brand immediately upon its creation as a way of establishing priority. To do this, you will need to add “TM,” which is the trademark symbol to your mark whose rights you are claiming. In the US, trademarks are normally registered at federal or state level. In normal cases, state registrations can be less expensive this also makes them less protective of your brand. In case you want to trademark your brand internationally, the process can be a little bit expensive and difficult at the same time.

Benefits of registering your brand

Hand holding a green markerThere are many benefits associated with the trademarking process. One of the most important in the list is that you will always be able to prove your brand ownership thus protecting it from possible manipulations. On the other hand, the trademark also makes it possible for you to enjoy legal protection while at the same time saving you money when the registration is enforced. As the brand owner, you will always be able to enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your brand is protected.